Is It Worth Learning Calligraphy?

Is it worth learning calligraphy?
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Is it worth learning calligraphy? It sure is! There are so many benefits to learning calligraphy that, surprisingly, it is not a more popular hobby. 

To determine whether it is worth learning calligraphy, we can consider the benefits of learning calligraphy. There are many benefits, many of which relate to learning a new skill, improving your handwriting, or preserving the traditions of writing by hand. Calligraphy can be beneficial for mental health. It also stimulates creativity and may even become a source of additional income. Even if you don’t want to use it to make extra income, you can create beautiful projects as gifts for friends and family to make them feel special. Calligraphy develops fine motor skills and improves memories. Let’s look at these benefits in more detail to see if it is worth learning calligraphy!

It is always good to try something new

Learning or trying new things get us out of our comfort zones and help us broaden our skills. The same applies to learning calligraphy; it is a new skill and will set you apart from non-calligraphers. It is also a helpful skill that you can use for different projects. 

Calligraphy improves your handwriting

Is it worth learning calligraphy

People are moving away from writing by hand, but calligraphy can improve handwriting. Calligraphy helps you keep your hand used to the act of writing. Knowing how you form calligraphy letters will “rub off” on your daily handwriting and improve it.

It contributes to better mental health

Calligraphy helps relieve stress. Focusing on creating letters in calligraphy helps distract you from any worries you may be experiencing. Doing drills can have a calming effect on your state of mind. Many people consider calligraphy therapeutic and relaxing as it helps you slow down your whole body and breathing as you focus on one activity.

The act of creation also helps you feel accomplished and may help you process stress better. Being able to control a pen to create beautiful lettering may help you feel more in control of one aspect of your life, helping you think you can overcome other challenges.

It may become a new source of income for you

Your newly acquired calligraphy skills may result in additional income for you. Friends and family are always looking for ways to get hold of personalized gifts for others, and your talent may be just what they need for custom cards, certificates, or decorations.

You can create decorations for your home!

You can create beautiful calligraphic pieces to decorate your home. No one else will have the same creative projects as you have! With calligraphy, you can even beautify everyday items, such as food labels for pantry items. 

You can use it to show others that you care

Use calligraphy to make beautiful cards or envelopes to show friends and family that you care about them. Handmade items are always unique, and people tend to keep such things longer than standard off-the-shelf gifts. Your friends and family will feel you care and appreciate the extra effort you took to create something special for them. 

Creativity stimulates more creativity

Calligraphy is a form of art. Like other forms of art, practicing one form of creativity may make you more creative in other areas of your life. Perhaps you’ll try new recipes or paint the walls in your house beautifully. Moving our hands is an action that improves our thinking skills and makes us even more creative. 

It develops fine motor skills, improves the retention of memories, and enhances critical thinking

When you practice the different calligraphy strokes, you activate your brain’s motor areas, including the cerebral cortex, cerebellum, and basal ganglia. It also enhances the part of the brain that works with language processing. Calligraphy is a visual activity that helps you remember better, especially if you are a visual learner.

The act of writing helps us improve our critical thinking skills. It helps us think more in-depth about complex issues and better understand the problems at hand. It may even help us discover better solutions to our problems.

It builds confidence!

Although it takes time to become better at calligraphy, the sense of accomplishment when you finish a beautiful piece is tremendous. As we see our progress over time, we will start to feel proud of what we have learned and created. It will build our confidence levels and make us feel we can do more and be more.

It helps us connect with others

When we create beautiful calligraphy and share it with others, it allows us to connect with them. It makes special memories and can be a powerful motivator. 

It helps us develop our artistic abilities

Calligraphy is an artistic endeavour. As we learn more calligraphy letters and styles, we develop our sense of design and try new projects, different pens, or lettering styles. We become experts in calligraphy through practice and studies.

Your calligraphy can make you stand out 

Although calligraphy is a popular hobby, not many people in your social circle likely have it as a hobby. When you do pretty projects, people will notice as they will look different from everyone else’s stuff. You can also use your calligraphy in other ways to make people remember you. If you go for an interview, send a beautiful note to thank the interviewer for considering you. You can be sure they will not forget you!

In many academic and social circles, people still judge others’ handwriting to form an opinion on their educational and intellectual abilities. By practising calligraphy, you will be in a class of your own and leave a positive and lasting impression. 

Calligraphy preserves tradition

People use electronic devices more often, even for note-taking and writing. Many people cannot read or write cursive anymore. Few people still write with a pen on paper. By practicing calligraphy, you will preserve the tradition of writing by hand and continue the tradition of beautiful lettering. 

It is a perfect activity to do with friends and family!

Why not get your best friends or family members involved in trying calligraphy. It is a lovely way to spend time together, creating a strong bond as you struggle through the frustrations of calligraphy together. It will also benefit your calligraphy practice if you keep each other accountable for regular calligraphy practice!

It is fun!

Calligraphy, as a hobby, is fun and brings joy to many people. Creating beautiful calligraphy pieces gives you a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. It motivates you to try more complex letters as a challenge!

When one looks at these benefits, learning calligraphy is worth it. More people should be encouraged to learn calligraphy! Have I convinced you that it is is worth learning calligraphy?

By Sunelle

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